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    The Tools and Skills of a Locksmith

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Here's a riddle: In many parts of the country, who is the only person legally permitted to carry lock-picking tools? The answer, of course, is a professional locksmith. Since every service a locksmith provides is an important one, it's critical to find the right company for whatever service you need. Before you call a locksmith in the Houston area, take a look at their website, or call and ask what services they provide. A qualified locksmith will offer:

    Lock installation, repair, and replacement services. Along with providing locks and other security solutions, a locksmith will clean and repair malfunctioning locks. If a lock must be replaced, the locksmith will help the customer determine the appropriate lock for the purpose required.

    Duplicating and replacing keys. Locksmiths also provide key-duplication services, copying and cutting the original key's pattern onto a blank key. They can also rekey a lock whenever required, whether to prevent a security breach or for the client's convenience.

    Response to emergency situations. This is usually a response to customers who have been locked out of their vehicle, or even their home or business. It may also be a response to customers who have been burglarized or had their car keys stolen and need to have their locks rekeyed immediately.

    Selling, installing, and servicing safes. Banks, with their safe deposit boxes and time locks, are common locksmith customers, and many businesses and even homeowners use safes to store valuables and important documents.

    At Houston Safe and Lock, we take our responsibilities as a locksmith seriously. We provide the most dependable 24-hour emergency locksmith service in Houston, and our locksmiths are trained, knowledgeable, and efficient. We offer everything you need to make your home or business secure, including transponder chip keys, gun and fire safes, and high security locks. For a Houston locksmith you can place your trust in, visit our website today or call (713) 469-3435.

    The Best Names in High Security Locks

    Last updated 6 years ago

    When it comes to keeping your home secure against burglars, there's no reason to take chances. That's why when you go shopping for a high security lock, you need the assurance that only a proven, trustworthy brand can provide.

    Here are two industry-leading brands to ask your Houston locksmith about:


    Providing innovative lock solutions for more than 40 years, Medeco's locks are so trusted that they have been used to keep government and military buildings secure. Ordinary keys have a limited number of pin combinations, which makes them easier for criminals to crack. Medeco's locks are all unique. No one can duplicate a Medeco key without your permission, and the locks are specially designed to ward off bumping and picking. The Medeco3 high security lock has stood up to the toughest tests in the industry, resisting nearly anything a burglar could do to break it.


    One of the world's leading manufacturers of all-purpose security solutions, Mul-T-Lock is a three-decade veteran of the industry that provides everything from multi-point locks for wood and metal doors to vehicle locking systems and special handles and door frames designed to bolster your security. They even offer special locks to secure glass doors. If you're looking for a strong high security lock, try the Hercular Captive Deadbolt, a high-precision lock designed to resist picks and drills.

    At Houston Safe and Lock, we know that a dependable lock can only be provided by a dependable locksmith. We offer the quickest and most efficient 24-hour emergency locksmith service in Houston, and we carry all major high security lock brands. Our locksmiths are highly trained and skilled, and they will go above and beyond to ensure that your home or business gets the best quality security service possible. We also carry gun and fire safes and transponder chip keys to meet all of your security needs. When you need a Houston locksmith, visit our website or call (713) 469-3435.

    New review on Yelp!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Need a key? Look no further. With the ginormous wall of hanging keys Im sure theyll be able to cut you a key for a great low-low price! Needed a spare motorcycle key and this place made me one for a mere 4 bucks! Price range from 2-7 which is awesome. While I was there, I learned I could make a key for my car for about half price of what the dealer... More
    PingPing N.

    Extra Precautions You Can Take to Secure Your Doors from Intrusion

    Last updated 6 years ago

    In Houston and around the world, burglaries in Houston are an unfortunate fact of life. You can increase lighting at night and lock your windows, but no matter how illuminated your yard may be,any locksmith in Houston can tell you that your door may be the weakest link in your home security system.

    Read below to find out how you can further secure your doors to protect your home against intrusion.

    Hollow Comfort

    Make sure your doors are as robust as the rest of your home security. Have a Houston locksmith evaluate your door, or just knock on it yourself. Hollow doors, in combination with poor or single locks, all but invite burglars that look for the easiest target.

    Pick a door that is either solid wood or metal, as these are far more resistant to intrusion. Your Houston locksmith can give you further tips, such as placing three-inch nails or screws at even intervals all around the frame, which further strengthens your door against kicking.

    Further Protection

    Talk to your locksmith in Houston about a quality deadbolt with a throw of at least an inch. That means that the bolt itself should go into the doorframe an inch deep, and the more bolt you have, the better. And a double-sided deadbolt must be opened on both sides with a key, excellent for doors near to windows.

    High-security locks have large and sturdy strike plates and are designed to withstand many kinds of attacks. Multiple locks offer an even greater benefit, because a burglar is looking to take the least amount of time to get in and get out.

    Talk to your Houston locksmith and take the time to make sure a burglar will keep walking when they pass your house. Houston Safe & Lock is the only authorized Medeco dealer in the city, and our line of residential locks, fire safes, and gun safes can provide you the ultimate in home security. Visit our website to see how we can help to keep you safe.

    New review on Google Places!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Great Products and Service My wife and I went here looking for small safe to put in our closet for documents and extra keys. Their selection is very good. We were shown a number of options and had all our questions answered. There was no pressure to buy more than we needed or to buy the most expensive model. Once we decided on one, they worked out... More

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