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    Important Things Worth Keeping In Your Fire Safe

    Last updated 7 years ago

    You can never anticipate the tragic, unforeseen circumstances of life, but you can prepare.  This is why it's a good idea to have a place to keep your possessions safe.  One of the best places for this is in a fire safe, which allows you to keep what's important in one place and free from harm.

    Once you get your fire safe, here's what you can put inside.

    Cash Money

    Banks aren't open 24/7, even though accidents can happen any time of day.  This is why it's a good idea to store money in the form of cash in your fire safe for a rainy day. 

    Insurance Information

    If you do have a house fire, one of the first people you will need to contact is your insurance agent.  So always keep your home owner's insurance safely stored in your fire safe. 


    In addition, your claim for damaged property may require receipts to prove the value and cost of the items destroyed in a fire.  Therefore, it's a good idea to keep the receipts for furniture, the oven, the refrigerator, the washer and dryer, any electronics, and other purchases of significant value in the fire safe.

    Personal Documents

    Your birth certificate, social security card, and maybe your college diploma are all documents that warrant a space in the safe.  In similar fashion, put items of personal significance in, as well.  This could include baseball cards, yearbooks, or even the scorecard from your low round of golf. 

    It's your fire safe, so use it to keep what's valuable and important to you!

    At Houston Safe and Lock, we offer the highest quality fire safes, gun safes, and composite safes on the market.  Call us at 713-659-3951 to learn more or visit our website today to see our selection.  We also have the expertise to open and repair your safe.

    5 Popular Types of Safes

    Last updated 7 years ago

    There are different kinds of safes, but they all have the same purpose: to keep your property safe.  You can put confidential documents, jewelry, baseball cards, or anything else you value within your safe.  This allows you security and peace of mind.  If you are looking to purchase a safe, then you'll have options. Here's a look at 5 popular types of safes.

    1. Gun Safes

    This is the safest way to store your gun, while also allowing it to be accessible to you.  Display racks are a great way to organize within your gun safe and provide a good-looking setup. 

    2. Fire Safes

    Fire resistant safes will keep your possessions secure if tragedy strikes.  Typically, your safe will be rated with a temperature, such as 350 degrees, which indicates its heat bearing capacity.  The higher the number, the more secure you can be about the contents of your safe.   

    3. Floor Safes

    These fit under the desk, under the bed, or any other part of the floor that you want to put your safe.  Similar to the wall safe, the floor safe is built right in and can be covered by a rug.  

    4. Wall Safes

    As the name indicates, this safe is located in your wall and can be covered by a painting or a mirror.  These can be installed by your local Houston locksmith

    5. Composite Safes

    These are constructed from technologically advanced materials.  The benefits include an impressive strength to weight ratio and protection from electrical hazards.

    At Houston Safe and Lock, we have the products, resources, and expertise to keep your family and property safe.  This is why we have been your Houston locksmith for over 30 years, and we offer the highest quality gun safes and fire safes and all the other types of safes listed above. Call us for emergency services or to speak with a trusted locksmith today.

    Dial vs. Elect / Digital Safe Locks

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Are you in the market for a safe, and not quite sure which type will work for you?  One of the things you might be puzzling over is the lock mechanism on the safe: do you want dial or electric? 

    In this video, you can watch a race between a dial lock and an electric lock.  The electric lock is considerably faster, and while the dial lock can still offer security, the speed and ease of an electric lock might suit your needs better. 

    If you are ready to buy the safe with the right lock mechanism for your needs, come visit us at Houston Safe and Lock.

    Locksmith Training Basics : Different Types of Locks

    Last updated 7 years ago

    You can secure your house with a range of different locks. With this video featuring an experienced locksmith, you can learn a little bit more about the different types of locks that can work for you. 


    Your doorknob typically has a doorknob lock, which is fairly easy to pick, and a deadbolt, which makes your house more secure.  You can also use padlocks or cylinder locks, and be aware that lock price can also change with materials used. 


    Looking for a Houston locksmith to secure your house?  Visit us at Houston Lock and Safe.

    How to Choose the Right Gun Safe for Your Firearm Collection

    Last updated 7 years ago

    If you own a gun, you want to do everything you can to keep it out of the wrong hands.  You especially want to be sure that your children or other family members can never accidentally get hold of your gun.  While you can employ many precautions to keep your guns out of the wrong hands, you should also invest in a gun safe.

    • If you collect guns, be sure to buy a gun safe larger than your current collection.  This will ensure that your gun safe will be able to hold your collection as it expands.


    • Make sure that your safe will not only take care of your gun, but can function as a fire safe.  This will ensure that, in the case of a fire, your guns remain protected.


    • You can find many types of gun safes, but go for one that can offer you the best in protection with the right materials and customized locks, which can stop the safe from being tampered with or broken open.   Locks can come with both combination locks and key locks.


    • See if extras can come with your gun safe, like a rifle rack, shelves, and gun slots, so that you can keep your guns and their accessories organized.


    • Look into getting a gun safe that will anchor to the floor.  In case you are burgled, you want to make sure that the burglars are unable to just pick up your safe and walk off with your guns.

    Looking for a Houston locksmith who can give you the perfect gun safe for you needs?  Visit us at Houston Safe and Lock where you can find what you need to make sure that your gun collection is safe and secure and your home is safe from any gun accidents.

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